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Govt. Orders

Uploading DateGovt. Order Downloads
04-03-14Extension of due date for filing TDS/TCS statements for FYs 2012-13 and 2013-14.Circular dtd 04/03/2014
24-02-14National Pension System- GPF Rules made applicable .GO(P)No 81/2014/Fin Dated 24.02. 2014
21-02-14Salary of Self Drawing Officers- New TR 46 Bill form.GO(P) No.76/2014/Fin Dated 21.02.2014
07-02-14Higher Secondary Education - Restriction on Grace Marks - Orders issued- G.O.(Rt)No.650/14/G.Edn Dt. 07/02/2014
01-02-14Post Creation in 10 Aided HSS for the academic years 2011-12 and 2012-13.GO(MS) 26/2014_Gen. Edn dtd_01.02.14
21-01-14Employees belongs to SC/ST.Exemption from department test GO No.04/2014 PA&RD dtd 21.01.2014
15-01-14Sanctioning Scout and Guide Units in Higher Secondary Schools GO(MS) No 14/14_Gen.Edn dtd_15.01.2014
10-01-14Socio - Ecnomic - Caste Census/Survey - Clarification on Surrender Benefits. Circular 61872/DD3/2013 Local Admi. dtd 10.01.14
08-01-14BEd : LWA granted to HSSTs for undergoing BEd courses :-Service benefits granted GO(MS)No.9/2014_Gen Edn_dtd_08.01.2014
24-12-13Availing Maternity Leave in Different Spells. Circular ADC2/61002/13/HSE dtd 24.12.13
23-12-13DA/DR rates revised(63%) with effect from 01/07/2013 GO(P) No 630-2013-Fin dated 23-12-2013
23-12-13Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief.General guidelines for the payment.GO(P) No 629-2013-Fin dated 23-12-2013
19-12-13Family Pension to Parents of deceased Government Employee- Liberalizing existing norm.GO(p) No. 621/2013 Fin dtd TVM 19.12.2013
11-12-13Modification of scale of pay of HSSTs. Clarification letter dtd 06-07-2013
11-12-13Early Disbursement of 25% of Pay & Allowances and Pension for December 2013. GO(P) No 602-13-Fin dated 11-12-2013
22-11-13Age Relaxation for Guest Teachers for the Appointments of Addnl.Batch in Aided HSS. GO No.299/13/GEdn dated 22.11.2013
13-11-13Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme 2014. GO(P) No 555/2013/Fin Dated 13/11/2013.
06-11-13DA Crediting to PF Account.Time Limit Extended GO(P) No 545-2013-Fin dated 06-11-2013
25-10-13Group Insurance Scheme-Enhancement of Rate of Interest - GO(P) No 533-13-Fin dated 25-10-2013
22-10-13Sum Assured Table and Surrender Value of SLI GO(P) No 530/2013 Fin Dated 22-10-13
22-10-13Leave without allowance (LWA)-Restrictions relaxed - GO(P) No 529-13-Fin Dated 22-10-13
27-09-13Maintenance Grant to Aided Schools - Revision in the rates - GOP No. 261/13/GEdn dtd 27.09.2013
26-09-13Onam Advance -Recovery Instructions. Circular No.E1/15445/13 Dated 26-09-2013 of the Director of Treasuries
25-09-13New RDD offices at Malappuram, Kannur and Kottayam GO(MS)No.257/2013/Gen.Edn Dated 25/09/2013
24-09-13Aided school managers as Public information officers.GO No.3905/2013 Gen Edn. dtd 24/09/2013
05-09-13Adhoc Bonus/ Special Festival Allowance to Government employees 2013. GO(P)No.430/2013/Fin Dated 05/09/2013, GO(P)No.431 /2013 /Fin Dated 05/09/2013 and GO(P)No.432/2013/Fin Dated 05/09 /2013
31-08-13Post Creation in Govt HSS.GO Ms . No.246/2013 Gen Edn. dtd 31/08/2013
30-08-13Early Disbursement of 50% of Pay and Allowances.GO(P) No 412-13-Fin dated 30-08-2013
16-08-13Service Regularization & PSC Verification of Gazetted Officers GO 23/2013 dtd 16/08/2013
07-08-13Declared Holiday on Account of Eid-ul-Fitr. GO (MS) No. 230/2013 Pub.Adm dtd 03-08-2013
05-08-13Post Creation in Govt HSS.GO Ms . No.226/2013 Gen Edn. dtd 05/08/2013
01-08-13Family Pension to the parents of deceased Govt. Employee consequent on remarriage_death of spouse_GO(P)No 374-2013-Fin Dated 01-08-2013
24-07-13Child Care Allowance to Government Employees having Mentally/Physically challenged children G.O(Ms)No. 360/2013/(171) Fin dtd 24-07-2013
19-07-13B.Ed course curriculum restructured- Instructions issued. G.O.(Ms) No. 520/2013/H.Edn. Thiruvananthapuram, 19-07-2013
15-07-13Aided Higher Secondary School Teaching Posts/ Lab Assistant Posts-Created / upgraded for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13. GO (MS) No.211/2013/G.Edn dtd 15/07/2013
02-07-13Enhancing the age limit for recruitment of teachers in Aided Schools:Clarification .GO(MS)No. 203/2013 G.edn dtd 02/07/13
22-06-13Leave Without Allowance - Rejoining at the fag end of an academic year - request for cancellation of unavailedportion.GO 22194/J3/13/G.edn dtd 22/06/13
21-06-13Holidays declared by the District Collectors- Attendance of Teachers - Clarification
18-06-13Notification & Application for Starting New HSS & Addnl Batches in Kerala
30-05-13KEAM 2013 Prospectus. Amendment .GO(Ms) No.214/2013/Higher.Edn dtd 30/05/2013
28-05-13HSE Fee Rates Modified & Revised.GO(Ms) No.173/2013/Gl.Edn dtd 20/05/2013
24-05-13Dearness Allowance/Dearness Relief to State Government Employees and Pensioners(8% Enhancement).GO(P) No 220/2013/Fin Dated 14/05 /2013
15-05-13Creation of 136 posts of Lab Asstnts.GO(MS)No 165/2013/Gen Edn Dated 15/05/2013
14-05-13Census Surrender kept in Abeyance .Order No. 42076/G3/2010/Gen . Edn dtd 14/05/13
28-04-13GPAI Scheme Renewal of the scheme for 2013 Modified - GO(P) No 176-2013-Fin dated 17-04-2013
28-04-13Provident Funds - Rate of interest for 2013-14.GO(P)No 189/2013/Fin Dated 26/04/2013
27-04-13Census Duty 2010: Surrender of Earned Leave:Directions from DPI Order no 142/2013 Gen.Edn dtd 20/04/13
25-04-13Validity of Income Certificate Issued From Village/Taluk Office GO(Ms)No.160/2013/ RD Dated 25/04/2013
18-04-13Loans and Advances; Recovery during April 2013 postponed. GO(Ms)No.177/2013/ Fin Dated 18/04/2013
11-04-13HSS Teachers Pay Revision Anomaly Rectified.GOP No.168/2013/(147)Fin dtd 11/4/2013
08-04-13SPARK -Time Limit for updation & Locking - Extended.Circular No.37/2013/Fin Dated 08/04/2013.
03-04-13Implementation of National(Contributory) Pension System for State employees appointed on or after 01 .04.7013,forwarding of Permanent Retirement Account Number Forms .G.O(P)No. 149/2013/Fin. Dated, TVM, 03/04/13
26-03-13 Treasury Fixed Deposits- Rate of Interest - Revised GO(P)No.143/2013/Fin Dated 25/03/2013
20-03-13 Service benefits to the 238 teachers of 35 AIP Schools as per KER & KSR.GOP No.93/2013 dtd 14.03.2013
15-03-13National level strike of employees and workers on 20.02.2013 and 21.02.2013- Absence of employees for want of public conveyance - Regularised.GOP No.68/2013 dtd 12.03.2013
12-03-13DA Arreears Crediting to PF.Time Limit Extended. GO(P)No 130-2013-Fin Dated 11-03-2013
06-03-13Completing Data Entry and Locking Fields in Spark.Circular No.27/2013 Fin dtd 5/3/2013
05-03-13Creation & Up-gradation of teaching post in Govt.HSS .GO(MS)No 83/2013 Gen.Edn Dated 05/03/2013
04-03-13Leave Surrender for census duty Circular dtd 19/2/13
28-02-13Sanctioning and Upgrading of Aided School Teaching Post and Lab Asst Post in Malabar Area. G.O (MS) No. 76/2013/Gedn Dtd 23-02-2013
18-02-13Threatened Strike by a section of Government Employees and Teachers on 20th and 21st February 2013 - Measures for dealing with G.O (P) No. 42/2013/GAD Dtd 18-02-2013
08-02-13Spark: Locking of data Circular No 15-2013-Fin Dated 02-02-2013
30-01-13Clerks of Aided School has been exempted from Department Test.G.O(MS)No.37/2013/GED.Thiruvananthapuram , Dated : 30.01.2013
30-01-13Irregular Fixation of Pay and Allowances -Verification & Refund-Guidelines.GOP No.12/2013/Fin Dated 30/01/2013.
25-01-13General Administration (SS) Department - General Strike by a section of State Government employees and teachers from 08-01-2013- Dies non- Recovery of Salary- Orders issued. G.O.(P) No.21/2013/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram , 25.01.2013
24-01-13Initiating Disciplinary actions against a section of Government employees resoerted to strike- Orders issued G.O (P) No.17/13/GAD Thiruvananthapuram Dated: 19.01.2013
18-01-13Nabi Day Holiday Advanced to 24/01/13. G.O
17-01-13Implementation of National Pension System GO(P)No.20/2013/Fin Dated 07/01/ 2013.
10-01-13HSE Fee Rates Revised.GO(RT) No.5941/12/G.Edn dtd 12/12/2012
05-01-13Leave Travel Concession - Rules/Guidelines Issued GO(P)No 5/2013/Fin Dated 02/01/2013
01-01-13Employees and Teachers belonging to Nair Community are permitted to avail Restricted Holiday.GO
29-12-12Government employees and teachers in Kerala to wear Khadi-Handloom apparels on Wednesdays.G.O. (Ms) No. 155/2012/ID Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 27-12-2012
26-12-12Threatened strike by a section of Government Employees on 8th January 2013- Measures for dealing with - Orders issued G.O (P) No. 385/2012/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012
26-12-12Local holiday of Thai pongal festival advanced to 14-1-2013 G.O (Rt) No. 10689/12/GAD Thiruvananthapuram, 26-12-2012
21-12-12Income tax to be deducted from the arrear amount that to be merged with the PF account of the employees.Judgement
21-12-12Restricted Holiday.Guidelines Dated 21/12/2012
12-12-12Early disbursement of Pay and allowance of december 2012 in connection with Christmas.GO(P)No 678/2012/Fin Dated 12/12/2012
29-11-12JEE Candidates permitted to improve all subjects in HSE.GO dtd 26/11/2012
27-11-12SPARK-Limiting the authorizations to competent authorities -Directions
24-11-12National Eligibility cum Entrance Test[NEET-UG]for getting admissions to MBBS/BDS courses
20-11-12LWA before completion of probation.GO (p)No.471/2012/Fin dtd 23/08/2012
17-11-12D A to State Government Employees.GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin Dated 08/11/2012
17-11-12Student Concession Fare:GO
08-11-12Completing data entry and locking fields in SPARK.Directions.
08-11-12GPAIS Renewal 2012-13.GO(P) No 606-2012-Fin dated 03-11-2012
25-10-12Restricted holiday on 27-10-2012 in connection with Bakrid G.O (MS) No. 292/12/GAD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 25-10-2012
18-10-12School Kalolsavam Manual(Revised) G.O.(Ms) No.338/2012/G.Edn dtd 18.10.2012
19-10-12Bakrid Festival - Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances.GO(P) No.593/2012/Fin Dated 18/10/ 2012
16-10-12Revision of Pension and Other benefits.Modified GO(P)No.551/2012/Fin Dated 09/10/2012.
01-10-12Time-bound Higher Grade for Lab Assts(Higher Secondary).Letter No.ACD B6/1073/HSE/2012 dtd 20/09/2012
28-09-12Notional Fixation of Pay to Higher Secondary School Principals.GOP No. 522/2012/113/Fin. dtd 28/09/12
21-09-12Dies non on 21.08.2012 GO dtd 17/08/12
07-09-12Additional Batch in Govt Schools during 2012-13.GO(MS) No 272/12/Gen.Edn dtd 07/09/2012
07-09-12School Parliament Election -Guidelines
23-08-12Grant of Leave without Allowance before completion of probation - GO(P) No.471-2012/fin Dated 23/08/2012
17-08-12Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance.GO(P) No.461/2012/Fin Dated 17/08/2012
17-08-12Onam Advance to Government Employees.GO(P) No.462/2012/Fin Dated 17/08/2012
10-08-12Early Disbursement of Pay& Allowance/ Pension in Connection with Ramzan and OnamGO(P) No.452/12/Fin dated 10.08.2012
09-08-12Contributory Pension Scheme.GO(P)No 441-2012-Fin Dated 08-08-2012
28-07-12D A Arrears to Provident Fund-Time Limit - Extended_GO(P)No 420-2012-Fin Dated 28-07-2012
25-07-12NSS Programme Officers Special Casual Leave Reduced to 3 Days.GO dtd 10/01/12
20-07-12Medical Reimbursement.Circular | GO Dtd 11/07/2012
20-07-12Kerala General provident Fund Rules 2011 Notification dtd 07/02/2012(Revised Forms,Rules Etc:-)
03-07-12Public Service:Procedure for Police Verification GO(p) No 79/2009/Home dtd 05/06/2009
01-07-12PF Interest Rate Fixed for 2012-13.GO(p) No.359-2012-Fin dtd 29/06/2012
15-06-12Dearness Allowance Revised(7%).GO(P)No 323-2012-Fin dated 04/06/2012
14-06-12Higher Secondary Admission Register:GO dtd 31/03/2011
01-06-12Provident Fund:Enhancement of Retirement;Closure allowed GO(P)No 314/2012/Fin Dated 30/05/2012
31-05-12CBSE Grade Normalisation GO dtd 17/05/2010
27-05-12Earned Leave Surrender to Socio Economic and Caste Census 2012.Circular | Surrender Circular dtd 19/2/13
19-05-12Lumpsum Grant of SC/ST Students Enhanced.GO dtd 11/01/2012
18-05-12HSE Exam:30% Enhancement in Remuneration and Contingent Expenditures dtd 18/05/12 |HSE Paper Valuation 2012. Remuneration Revised. GO dtd 09/05/2012
28-04-12Aided School Teachers Deputation to SSA G.O dtd 28/04/12 | Aided School Teachers Deputation to RMSA GO dtd 07/06/12
25-04-12NCC Cadets Grace Mark: Application Form | Govt Order | DHSE Circular
17-04-12HSE- Academic Year 2012-13- Marginal increase of seats- Sanctioned Dated 04/04/2012
13-04-12Loans and Advances :Recovery during April 2012 Postponed.GO dtd 10/04/2012
27-03-12Enhancement of age of Retirement and Creation of Supernumerary posts.Order and Notification dtd 26/03/2012
26-03-12Rate of Interest on GPF for the Fin.Year 2011-12.GO dtd 24/03/12
27-02-12Govt imposes 'dies-non' on striking employees:GO
18-02-12Guest Teacher appointment in Newly Sanctioned Batches GO dtd.10/02/12
14-02-12SLI: Revision of Monthly Premium GO dtd 09/02/12
14-02-12Purchase of CAR/BIKE Non Refundable Advance From GPF.Basic Pay Limit Revised Order dtd 03/02/2012
22-01-12VHSE Principal Posting
21-12-11Clarifications on the fixation of pay in the revised scale of pay.GO dtd 15/12/11
16-12-11Granting Arrear Salary in the scale of pay of HSST at Guest Teachers upto 30-11-2001.allowed to be Withdrawn after 31st Dec 2011.GO dtd.12/03/2007
15-12-11Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances & Pension in connection with Christmas
17-11-11DA Order(7%) GO(P)No. 535/2011/Fin Dated 14/11/2011.
31-10-11Group Personnel Accident Insurance Rate Enhanced : Govt Order
31-10-11Aided School Post Creation:Govt. Order dtd 24/10/11
21-10-11PF Advance Sanction Rules Revised GO Dtd 18/10/2011
18-10-11Holidays in 2012
04-10-11Pay Revision 2009-Reoption Permitted
27-09-11Disbursement of Personal Entitlements of Employees through Banks
12-09-11Group Insurance Scheme : Rate of Subscription Revised
12-08-11Paternity Leave GuideLines & Order dtd 11/08/11
11-08-11Special Casual Leave for parents of Physically/ Mentally Challenged-Guidelines dtd 06/08/2011
11-08-11Duties of a Lab Assistant
06-08-11Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy_Radiation_Kidney Transplantation -Gazette Notification- G. O. (P) No. 508_2012_Fin Dated 22-09-2012 | Casual leave allowed to Cancer patients Enhanced GO(p) No. 447/2013/Fin. dtd 09/09/2013
05-08-11HSS Special Rules(Method of Appointment And Qualification of Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff)
29-07-11Govt.orders clarifying the minimum periods of teaching for sanctioning additional posts (HSST Jr.)to each subject.Dtd. 29/11/2002
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